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Baby Blue Topaz Fish Necklace

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This pendant consists of two pearlescent finished sterling silver fishes facing eachother, with the smallest fish facing downward at its upwards facing counterpart. Baby blue topaz set in 22k gold vermeil sits at the tail of the larger fish, adding just enough sparkle to balance the piece. This necklace pairs nicely with the Baby Blue Topaz Fish Drop Earrings or any item from Michou's Poseidon's Treasures collection.

Calling its jewelry “Art to Wear”, Michou has created a distinctive collection that speaks to women all over the world.  The Poseidon's Treasures collection is often referred to "Mermaid Jewelry" by many of our customers as its design and feel are reminiscent of what a mermaid princess or sea goddess would have in their collection of treasures.  Each whimsical piece of Poseidon's Treasures is uniquely shaped and textured by hand, then decorated with granulation like grains of sand on the beach.